• Endocare Lotion


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  • Description

    Fluid lotion formulated with SCA Biorepair technology, which enhances the regeneration and healing of damaged skin. It contains emollients and moisturizers such as urea, which promote the re-epithelialization of extensive skin areas damaged by dermatological and dermocosmetic procedures. It reduces burning, redness and discomfort from the very first application, pleasantly soothing the skin.

    • Product containing 100 ml
    • For skin damaged by aggressive procedures

    • SCA Repair Index 4
    • Higroplex HHG
    • Pentavitin
    • Urea


    Deep hydration and regeneration for all cases of damaged, dry, itchy or swollen skin, especially after:

    • Dermocosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal and liposuction
    • Use of oral retinoid (Isotretinoin) and/or topical products
    • Recent stretch marks or scars
    • Burns resulting from intense and prolonged sun exposure

    Directions for use:

    Apply to perfectly clean and dry skin once or twice a day until it is completely absorbed.

    Additional Information:

    SCA Biorepair technology, due to its repairing action, is indicated in the treatment of skin suffering from aggressive treatment or lesions resulting from radiodermatitis. It is used as therapy for the recovery of severely damaged tissue.

    The extensive research that supports this technology has been demonstrated in trials with cancer patients exposed to radiotherapy who were suffering from skin reactions such as itching, burning, swelling, dryness, etc.

    Note: Always consult your dermatologist.

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